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71 Years

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71 Years Lost - The Average Amount of Years a Child Loses That Dies of Cancer

71 Years Lost Talia's Mom was asked by The American Childhood Cancer Organization, or ACCO, to write what she felt would happen if Talia has another 71 years of life, which is the average amount of time that is robbed from a child who dies from cancer. This video is very emotional and may be hard to watch all the way through, but it's important to understand why increased funding for Childhood Cancer research is so important. 71 LOST YEARS—A MOTHER'S PERSPECTIVE "What if she had another 71 years? Why 71 years? Because that is what I'm told is the average amount of time that is stolen from each child who is diagnosed with childhood cancer. To truly grasp the implications of my daughter's 71 lost years, you must first understand that Talia Joy Castellano was always different. From her very first breath, it was clear that this beautiful little being was going to be exceptional, someone truly amazing... Click this link to read more Today please help by sharing the 71 Years image and telling congress that this is the average amount of life lost when a child dies of cancer.  Tell your congressional representatives as well using Sound Off.

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