Talia's Legacy Children's Cancer Foundation
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Clinical Trials and Research

Talia's Legacy Children's Cancer Foundation has donated over $50,000 towards Clinical Trials and Research for Childhood Cancer. We research the most promising clinical trials and donate to them in hopes of finding a CURE to childhood cancer. 

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital

Donation Amount: $15,000

Don Eslin, MD is a Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa, Florida. He is now leading a clinical trial and research for relapsed Neuroblastoma. We donated $5,000 to Trial NMTRC014 which is DFMO after treatment for children in remission (either after initial treatment or after relapsed treatment).

St. Jude's Research Children's Hospital

Donation Amount: $2,000

The St. Jude—Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project is the world’s most ambitious effort to discover the origins of childhood cancer and seek new cures. By comparing the complete genomes from cancerous and normal cells for more than 800 patients, they have successfully pinpointed the genetic factors behind some of the toughest pediatric cancers.

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Donation Amount: $22,700

Talia was treated at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children for over six years. We have given to their neuroblastoma research programs for over seven years in hopes for one day finding a CURE for childhood cancer.


LDR 3215 Arnies March



St. Baldrick's Foundation

Donation Amount: $2,500

St. Baldrick’s donations help fund research that has resulted in the first successful immunotherapy treatment for a childhood cancer, high-risk neuroblastoma. The treatment, developed by Dr. Alice Yu, a St. Baldrick’s researcher at the University of California San Diego, tested the effects of immunotherapy on the relapse rate of neuroblastoma patients. In the case of neuroblastoma, Dr. Yu and her team of researchers introduced an antibody called CH14.18, which targets a molecule on the surface of tumor cells called GD2.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Donation Amount: $2,000

CHOP researchers are launching a pediatric clinical trial with a dynamic design allowing them to quickly incorporate new treatments based on ongoing lab studies of evolving genetic changes in an individual patient’s tumor. The researchers will match those gene changes with available drugs.  Research-based treatment of neuroblastoma, an-often lethal childhood cancer that remains difficult to cure. Usually appearing as a solid tumor in the chest or abdomen, neuroblastoma accounts for a disproportionate share of cancer deaths in children, despite many recent improvements in therapy.