Talia's Legacy Children's Cancer Foundation
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Arnie's March/Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

image1 Talia’s Legacy is committed to finding a cure for pediatric cancers.  Talia’s Legacy’s most recent campaign during Arnie’s March raised over $12,000 dollars.  The funds raised support clinical research by Dr. Don Eslin, Talia’s oncologist and the Pediatric Oncology team at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children (APH).  Dr. Eslin recently stated in an interview, “Despite the limited resources for pediatric cancer research, oncologists and researchers together have accomplished great results.  Cure rates in the 1950’s were less than 10%.  Today most pediatric cancers have a greater 75% survival rate.” APH has more than 30 clinical trials open for children fighting cancer.  These trials are run though the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium (NMTRC) and the Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutic Investigators Consortium (POETIC).  NMTRC and POETIC are dedicated to finding new therapies and medicines for children with relapsed disease, the area of childhood cancer that is most difficult to treat. Talia’s Legacy wants to bring more treatment options home to Orlando to keep Central Florida families together.  With the funds raised from Talia’s Legacy, Dr. Eslin and the team at APH will be able to bring more cutting edge treatments to Central Florida.  One such trial from the NMTRC is the first ever trial in children using molecular characteristics of a child’s own tumor to look at new treatment options.  Called personalized medicine, this approach is designed to learn why the same tumor in two different children could act in different ways and to find medicines that would work for each child.  All other trials work by giving all children the same treatment and seeing how many of them will respond. The NMTRC is pushing forward to discover new ways to understand cancers and potentially predict the best treatments for patients with cancer in the future. Talia was privileged to receive outstanding care at APH.  Cancer tries to take the Joy of childhood away.  Talia wanted to bring hope home.  No one is better at fighting childhood cancer than her specialists at Arnold Palmer Hospital.  Talia was at her best when she was at home with her dog Bella, friends and family.  She spent so much time traveling in search for a cure and made it her mission to bring more treatments home.  Talia’s Legacy will bring hope home to Central Florida families and return Joy to childhood. Click Here to Learn More about Clinical Trials