Talia’s Mint Mani


We are launching our Mint Mani for 2015.  Talia passed away July 16, 2013.  Talia’s last post on instagram was of @taliajoy18, @momma_joy and @tammydelarosa hands painted in a mint color.  Last year we started Talia’s Mint Mani in her memory.  We are using the funds to suport our GLAM WARS program

This year has been amazing.  We have been able to provide makeovers to close to 100 children battling cancer.  We are so proud to have been able to support 6 children’s hospitals as well as BASE CAMP and St. Baldrick of Melbourne.  As our program grows the need for support increases.  Last years Mint Mani raised close to 1,000 dollars.  This year we would like to triple that!

Here is how you can help!

  • During the Month of July treat your self or a loved one, including your pet to a manicure with a Mint Color.  Post your picture to your Twitter, Instagram Pintrest and share your picture on our Angels For Talia Facebook Page
  • Dont forget to include #GLAM WARS #MINT MANI #TALIAS LEGACY
  • If you would like to make a donation to support our GLAM WARS Program Click on the PINK TAB to make your donation directly to our GLAM WARS program.
  • Last year our largest fundraisers got their friends and family together and hosted their own mint mani fundraiser.  They simply  threw a party.
  • See if your local hair and nail salon would like to get involved.  They can collect donation near cash register or become a sponsor.  For more information about a sponsorship package  and press packet contact
  • Bella participated last year and your pets can too.

2014-06-29 12.00.15

Talia’s Legacy Children’s Cancer Foundation understands how important it is to continue to bring JOY to these children battling cancer.  These children are fighting to feel confident and need our support to continue to lift their spirits and give them hope.

Desiree Castellano, President                                                                          Talia’s Legacy Childrens Cancer Foundation

4 thoughts on “Talia’s Mint Mani”

  1. You guys are so beautiful and talia is a goddess name it mean with beauty in her she was a brave girl I love her videos I always watch them

      1. shes so beautiful I love Talia im always watching her videos she inspired me to do my makeup a lot more and also more like her style(:

  2. My 3year old daughter was diagnosed June 1st of this year with leukemia. I followed Talias story even before my daughter got diagnosed, she goes to Nemours for treatments. The glam wars is so amazing, so beautiful and I hope a lot of money is raised! Thank you all for everything you are doing!

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Finding a Cure for Childhood Cancer and bringing JOY along the way.