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Glam Wars February 2014

Talia’s Legacy Glam Wars III with COVERGIRL and Base Camp

Talia started something she came up with called “Glam Wars” in 2012 at MAC.  Talia wanted to help other little girls fighting cancer feel beautiful with makeovers from makeup artists.  She came up with the name with “Glam” for the makeup and beauty and “Wars” for the fight against Childhood Cancer.

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Glam Wars 3 by Talia’s Legacy
Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014.

Special Thank you to:
Tammy DeLaRosa for Editing this Video
Make Artist: Sheri, Amanda, Tammy, Mattia, Desiree
Base Camp: Terri & Cindy
Photography: Kay & Tammy
Christy, Jill, Valerie, Rebecca
Talias Base camp room was designed by her favorite YouTube designer Rebecca Robeson and furniture provided by Furnitureland South

Talia knew other kids that were fighting childhood cancer also suffered with insecurities just like her. That is why on March 25, 2012, at the age of 12, Talia created the first Glam Wars.

Talia could have had a second wish but instead she gave her second wish to seven other kids that were fighting childhood cancer to have their first experience of the Glam Wars.

Talia was so grateful and she felt accomplished that she made seven young girls that were battling childhood cancer, feel amazing. Talia was always thinking of ways she could help other girls feel beautiful through makeup, as she did.

On February 14, 2014 Glam Wars Three began in Talia’s room at Base Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, that was dedicated in her honor. The makeup artist were dressed as warriors to symbolize the war on cancer. The girls were taught how to apply the day look from Talia’s COVERGIRL tutorial. Each girl received the exact COVERGIRL makeup that Talia used in her day and night tutorial. All the makeup that the little warriors received were graciously donated by COVERGIRL.

Everyone wore black in honor of Talia since she wanted to bring awareness to childhood cancer on Valentine’s Day, the day she was diagnosed.

Talia’s Legacy will continue to fulfill one of her wishes by continuing Glam Wars. Talia wanted to start Glam Wars all over the country under her foundation. Glam Wars will go on and the war to fight childhood cancer will continue until there is a cure.

Wear Black on Valentine’s Day

Participate in a Talia’s Legacy Wear Black for Valentine’s Day for Childhood Cancer

We’re excited to announce the very first fundraiser for our new foundation and our new Collaboration.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2007, Talia was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. Talia wore black on Valentine’s Day to help bring awareness to childhood cancer. In Talia’s memory and for all the children that lost their battle and those that are still fighting, we ask you to join us in wearing black on Valentines Day to support childhood cancer awareness.

Talia was asked if she had one wish, what would it be, Talia said “a cure to childhood cancer”.

Please help Talia’s Legacy to find a cure to childhood cancer by sending in a picture of you, your pet, your organization/club, group of friends, family, or co-workers and make a donation to help find a cure. We will show your support by putting these pictures on our social media sights for millions of people to see.

Click the button to participate:

Fundraiser Button 3

We’re also happy to share that Talia’s Legacy has formed a national collaboration with the American Childhood Cancer Organization that will give them a much wider reach than the local organization BaseCamp, which is under the umbrella of ACCO. BaseCamp is one of the 40 local affiliate organizations across the country that provides direct services to the families in their communities.

American Childhood Cancer Organization’s mission is to address the needs of families through programs that emphasize information, advocacy, awareness, and research.  Talia’s Legacy has very similar objectives that include raising national awareness to the prevalence of childhood cancer. The foundation will also be raising funds for research and clinical trials for childhood cancer drugs; they will assist families and children battling cancer with fundraisers through programs and events.